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Fleece Lined Hackamore
Myler Loose Ring MB 02
Korsteel Uxeter Cambridge Mouth Kimberwick English Bit
Myler English Dee MB 02
Myler English Dee MB 03T

Item #: ERS459750


Sizes 4 3/4 and 5"

Stainless Steel Loose Ring with Stainless Steel Comfort Snaffle™ Wide Barrel (MB 02, Level 1) Copper Inlay Mouth

4 3/4" Item #: 89-28024
5" Item #: 89-28025

Slotted rings allow two rein positions, can be used as a snaffle or a curb bit.

Item #:
4.5” WB-141240
4.75” WB-141241
5” WB-141260
5.25” WB-141262
5.5” WB-141280
6” WB-141263

Size 4 1/2" and 4 3/4"

Stainless Steel 3" Dee without Hooks with Stainless Steel Comfort Snaffle™ Wide Barrel (MB 02, Level 1) Copper Inlay Mouth

4 1/2" Item #: 89-21013
4 3/4" Item #: 89-21024


Size 5

Stainless Steel 3 3/4" Dee without Hooks with Stainless Steel Twisted Comfort Snaffle™ with Copper Roller (MB 03T, Level 1) Mouth

Item #: 89-21035T


$34.99 $97.95
TORY LEATHER Jumping Hackamore Uxeter Double Hinged Kimberwicke   The Level Best for Your Horse
From the original Tory Leather - MADE IN USA. Designed to be used instead of a bit, this hackamore works on pressure pints on the face, nose and chin. Jump Hackamore with a rolled and padded 1” wide noseband, nickel hardware rings for reins and headstall attachment will fit any standard bridle. Adjusts from 21 1/4" to 25".

BLACK #: TY-1232B
HAVANA #: TY-1232H

Each side of the bit is perfectly balanced to assure total comfort and response. Lost wax cast and hand polished from the highest grade of 18/8 Stainless Steel. Lifetime guarantee against rust.

Item Number: WB-130276

Colors: SS

Sizes: 5"


A comprehensive overview of how bits work, understanding bit resistance, and bitting with the Myler System. Includes an entire chapter on the Myler combination bit and transitioning to a new bit, as well as detailed information about every Myler mouthpiece and cheekpiece. Includes the DVD A Whole Bit Better.




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