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Circle Y High Horse Mineral Wells Trail Saddle Circle Y All Around Western Saddle #2726-7604-05 NEW
Circle Y Flex2 Alpine Trail Saddle Wide Tree

Seat Size: 17"
Color: Tobac
Tooling: Floral panel
Rigging: Adjustable position inskirt
Tree: Ralide Wide
Cantle Height: 4" Regular, 5" Wide
Hardware: Silver plated conchos
Swell Width: 12"
Horn Size: 3 1/4" Neck 1 7/8" Cap
Skirt Size: 12 1/2" x 26"
Weight: Approximately 31 lbs.

16-inch Seat / Wide Tree. Light oil.

Seat Size:16”
Seat Color: Chocolate Suede
Hardware: Stainless Brown Iron Barbwire
Tooling: 1/2 Combo Snowflake / Arizona Flower with Barbwire Border
Horn: 3” Neck, 2 1/2” Cap
Tree: Fiberglass Covered Wood: Wide
Skirt: 12” D x 24 1/2” L
Swell: 13”
Cantle: 4”
Weight: Approx 31 lbs

MSRP: $1674.00

OUR PRICE: $1425.00

Weatherproof and Hard Wearing.
Lightweight and EasyCare.
Equisuede for Ultimate Grip.

Color: Brown or Black.

Seat Sizes: 14", 15", 16", 17".

Tree Sizes: Semi-QH or Full QH Bars

The new Alpine Flex2® trail saddle has a cut out skirt shape which allows closer contact and more precise cueing.
Flexible tree design conforms to a horse's back.
Flex2® skirts have a shock absorbing neoprene filler for the horse and rider's comfort.
The original Circle Y Flex2® saddles are built for fit, weight, and comfort.
Improved Tunnel Skirt design.
Tooling: Border.
Silver: Engraved Stainless-resists rust & corrosion.
Horn: 3" neck, 2 3/4" cap.
Rigging: 3-Way Adjustable In-Skirt.
Skirt Size: 15" D x 26 1/2" L.
Swell: 14".
Weight: 28 lbs.

Seat Size: 14", 15", 16", 17".

Color: Regular Oil (shown), Walnut.

$1,066.00 $1425.00 $399.99 $1825.00
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Tree Sizes
Seat Sizes
Circle Y Wind River Flex2 Trail Julie Goodnight Saddle Circle Y Gillette Trail Saddle The Proven Mansfield Barrel Saddle NEW 16" / XW Tree. Circle Y Omaha Flex Lite

16-inch Seat / Wide Flex2 Tree. Walnut Color.

*Conforming Precision Flex2 Tree.
*Shock absorbing Neo-Shock Skirt.
*Slip-Not skirt liner with XPG gel pad for horse's comfort.
*Pressure reducing Flex2 Tunnel Skirt.
*"Ready to Ride" Softee seat jockeys and fenders.
*Twisted and bound stirrup leathers and ErgoBalance. *Stirrups to reduce knee and ankle fatigue and promote balanced riding.
*Built for superior fit, comfort, and minimal weight for both horse and rider.

Seat Size: 16"
Color: Walnut
Tooling: Leaf with border
Tree: Flex2 Trail Wide
Hardware: Silver on silver
Rigging: 3-way adjustable inskirt
Swell Width: 13"
Cantle Height: 3.5"
Horn Size: 2 1/4" Neck 3" Cap
Skirt Size: 13" x 27"
Weight:: Approx 32 lbs.

MRSP: $2849.00 OUR PRICE: $2425.00

Item# 2615


Seat Size: 15", 16", 17"
Color: Walnut, Regular Oil
Tooling: Border
Tree: Fiberglass Reinforced Wide
Silver: Engraved Stainless
Rigging: 3-way adjustable in-skirt
Swell Width: 13"
Cantle Height: 4"
Horn Size: 3-1/4" Neck, 1-7/8" Cap
Skirt Size: 10-1/2" x 26"
Weight: Approximately 30 lbs.

Item: 6221


  • Seat Size: 13" 14" 15" 16" 17"
  • Seat Color: Black Suede
  • Color: Antique, Regular Oil
  • Tooling: : Floral with roughout seat jockeys
  • Rigging: In-skirt C
  • Tree: Ralide Regular and Wide (15" 16" 17")
  • Cantle Height: 5" Regular
  • Silver: Antique Maltese Cross
  • Swell Width: 12"
  • Horn Size: 3-1/4" Neck, 1-7/8" Cap
  • Skirt Size: 12-1/2" Deep x 25" Long
  • Weight: Approximately 25 lbs.

Shell border, Round skirt, Apache (brown, not black as shown) seat. Walnut Oil. #1554-8601-06

Also available Matching : Headstall, breast collar, flank cinch

$2425.00 $1679.00 $899.00 $1825.00

Sheridan Flex2 Trail Saddle #1572 CIRCLE Y - ASHTON HIGH COUNTRY TRAIL SADDLE Circle P Leather Trail Saddle New High Horse by Circle Y Proven Liberty Barrel Saddle
7-inch Seat / Wide Tree

Color: Regular Oil, Walnut
Tooling: Old West Border
Tree: Flex2 Regular, Wide, or Extra Wide
Leather: Herman Oak Leather
Silver: Gunmetal
Rigging: Dropped 7/8 in-skirt C
Swell Width: 13"
Cantle Height: 4"
Horn Size: 3-1/4" Neck, 1-7/8" Cap
Skirt Size: 10" x 25"
Weight: Approximately 25 lbs.

BRAND NEW FROM CIRCLE Y #2617-1605-05.

16-inch seat / Wide Tree.

Medium Oil with Black Seat


A great Leather Trail Saddle from Circle P. It features a nicely tooled border and smooth, padded leather seat. Included: aluminum, non-slip stirrups. A great starter saddle for the trail riding enthusiast.

Seat 17".
TREE:Full Quarter Horse Bars.
HARDWARE:Stainless Steel Hardware.
RIGGIN:7/8" Position.
SWELL WIDTH:12 1/2".
CANTLE:4" with 2" Cantle Binding.
HORN:3" Neck, 2" Top.
GULLET:6 3/4" Wide, 7 3/4".
SKIRT:25" Long, X 12 1/2" Deep.
STIRRUPS:2" Aluminum with Non-Slip.
FENDERS:19 1/2" x 8".
WEIGHT:Approximately 26lbs.

Natural Oil, Floral tooled with silver plated conchos & silver billet slot. Rawhide braided horn. Padded Brown suede seat. Easy care fleece. 14-inch Seat / Wide Tree.

CY Ralide trees ensure strength & durability. Formed in one solid piece of polyethylene using an injection mold process, it produces a unitized body & consistent, uniform shape. Results: saddle trees that provide longevity & are strong. All Ralide trees are made in the USA. High Horse saddles carry a 10-yr tree warranty & 1 yr workmanship warranty.

$1825.00 $1999.00 $719.00 $994.00

NEW Brown Wintec Western Trail Saddle #12097 SRS Saddlery barrel saddle New Proven Liberty Barrel Saddle
High Horse by Circle Y

16-inch Seat / Full QH Bars.

Softer, closer contact seat padded with memory foam with comfort ride saddle tree, cut out fenders with EZ fold feature, wide trail stirrups, longer saddle tie strings and square skirt. Synthetic saddle made of Duraleather.
Cantle: 3.5".
Gullet: 6.75" x 7.75".
Swell: 12.5".
Horn: 3" Neck, 2" Top.
Rigging: 7/8 position.
Skirt: 26.5” Long x 12” Deep.
Weight: Approx. 28lbs.
Color options: Black or Brown.
Seat Size options: 14", 15", 16",17"

14.5" seat, full QH bars. #6212-7501-05
SEAT COLOR: 7-Chocolate Suede
SEAT: 50-15
COLOR: 1-Tobac
TREE: 05-Wide
TOOLING: Floral with Roughout Seat Jockeys and Fenders
RIGGING: Adjustable Position In-Skirt
HORN: 3 1/4 Neck, 1 7/8 Cap
SKIRT: 12 1/2D x 25 L
WEIGHT: 25 lbs.


$436.95 $995.00 $925.00  

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