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All Purpose Saddles
Stubben Siegfried All Purpose Saddle Stubben Siggfried All-purpose English Saddle Brown Wintec 500 WIDE All-Purpose Saddle HDR Advantage All Purpose English saddle

18 inch seat / 31cm (MW) tree. Serial #1750185 Oakbark color, like new condition.

Saddle ID: R-41-1

Havana color. 18-inch seat/31 Gullet.

Saddle ID: N-9-1

17.5-inch seat / comes with 2X changeable gullet. Easy Fit Solution / Riser capable. Includes: blocks and Wintec saddle cover.

Saddle ID: S-2-96

Oakbark. Comes with girth, irons, leathers 17” / Wide tree.

Saddle ID: M-56-1

$1,200.00 $500.00 $475.00 $450.00
Collegiate All-Purpose Saddle Spirig Cosaque All Purpose Saddle Wintec All Purpose English Saddle Wintec All-Purpose Saddle

Black color. 17.5 seat/Wide tree. Good used condition.

Saddle ID: P-31-1

17 inch seat / Medium tree. Black.

Saddle ID: J-20-1

17 inch seat / Medium (black) gullet, changeable gullet system. Brown. Comes with 2 pads.

Saddle ID: F-17-1

Dark Brown Color. Comes with Leathers and Irons. 17.5 seat/Med tree. Good used condition.

Saddle ID: W-41-1

$425.00 $400.00
Borelli All Purpose English Saddle      

Comes w/ leathers & irons. Oakbark color with suede knee rolls. 18 inch seat / Medium tree.

Saddle ID: S-78-1

Close Contact and Jumping Saddles
Ovation San Telmo Close Contact Jump Saddle Exselle Close Contact Saddle Nice Quality Saddlery Close Contact Saddle  
16 inch seat (stamped as 15 3/4) / Medium gullet plate, but is adjustable.
This is the older version of the San Telmo. These saddles were designed with the long-legged rider in mind and features a longer and more forward-set flap. Uses XCH™ Interchangeable Gullet System, foam Bayflex panels, this is the same system used by Pessoa.

17 inch seat / XW Tree. Comes w/ leathers + irons

Saddle ID: W-37-1

Oakbark. 16.5-inch Seat / Medium Tree.

Saddle ID: D-35-1

$999.00 $400.00 $300.00  
Dressage Saddles
Kieffer Wellington Exclusiv DS 170648/01 Dressage Saddle Lynn Palm by Forestier Dressage Saddle Bates Isabell Dressage Saddle CWD monoflap dressage 18 inch seat

17.5” / 2 - Medium tree. Serial #: DS 170648/01

Saddle ID: C-6-1

18 inch seat / Wide tree. Serial #: 3A0653998 D 18ST

Saddle ID: A-18-1

16.5 inch seat/ Medium tree Serial #:V0710080-43

Saddle ID: R-40-1

Medium tree. Comes with case.


$2,700.00 $2,000.00 $1,500.00 $1,500.00
Schleese Infinity Dressage Saddle Stubben Roxane Dressage Saddle Kentaur Medea Dressage Saddle #415210342 Bates Isabell Dressage Saddle

17.5 inch seat / XW adjustable Schleese tree. Serial #: 7203S0307. Has moveable knee blocks.

Saddle ID: K-26-4

18.5 inch seat / 32cm (wide) tree. Serial #: 4240187

Saddle ID: P-27-1

Black. 17.5-inch Seat / XW Tree. Has chew mark low on one billet, and a couple scratches on under knee block (not visible unless flap is up). Otherwise, this saddle is in excellent condition.


Buffalo Leather / Black. 16-inch Seat / Blue/Medium Wide Changeable Gullet. Includes: Prestige leathers, irons & Irons Keeper.

Saddle ID: M-51-1

$1,400.00 $1,200.00 $900.00 $850.00
Windsor Elite Dressage Saddle Thornhill Pro-Trainer Dressage Saddle Passier P.S. Baum Dressage Saddle Ryder Saddlery Lux Dressage Saddle

Black color. 17.5 seat/Med #3 tree. Comes with Leathers, Irons, and Cover. Good used condition.

Saddle ID: W-41-2

18 inch seat /32cm (Medium) tree. Black.

Saddle ID: A-17-2

17 inch seat Wide Tree Serial Number D262424

Saddle ID: P-18-1

18 inch seat / Medium tree. Long flap, measures at 20.75" from stirrup bar down. Made in England. Serial #: 0405

Saddle ID: C-6-2

$800.00 $700.00 $700.00 $600.00
Stubben Tristan Dark Havana Dressage Saddle Wintec Dressage Saddle Passier PS Baum Dressage Max Hopfner Hannover Dressage Saddle

17" seat/32 cm tree (XW). Comes with cover, leathers and irons.

Saddle ID: S-73-2

17" Seat/ Medium tree Serial #: 361571

Saddle ID: R-40-2

17 inch seatt / Medium tree. Brown.

Saddle ID: M-43-1

Dark Brown. 16.5-inch Seat / Wide Tree. Includes: Leathers and Irons.


$500.00 $475.00 $450.00 $400.00
County Competitor Dressage Saddle Courbette Lemetex Marschall Spezial II Dressage Saddle Passier PS Baum Brown Dressage Saddle Stubben Tristan Dressage Saddle

17.5 inch seat / #3 fit (Medium) tree. Serial number: 89090407

Saddle ID: A-14-1

Black Leather with Grey Suede Seat and Knee rolls. 16-inch Seat / Medium Tree.


Comes with leathers and irons. 17-inch seat / Medium tree.

Saddle ID: T-15-1

6 inch seat / 31cm (MW) tree. Black.

Saddle ID: F-15-63

$400.00 $400.00 $350.00 $300.00
Stubben Tristan Dressage Saddle Wintec 2000 Dressage Collegiate Dressage Saddle  

Oakbark/Brown. 16-inch Seat / Wide Tree. Includes: Leathers, Irons, and Stubben Saddle Cover.

Saddle ID: B-21-1

18” / Medium tree. Black, suede seat and knee rolls, smooth flaps.

Saddle ID: W-2-1

Black. 17 inch seat (marked 17.5, but measures as a 17") / Medium tree. Serial #: 6528

Saddle ID: B-47-1

$300.00 $250.00 $250.00  
Other Saddles
Astund Icelandic Saddle Victoria Aussie Saddle    

18" Seat/ Medium Tree

Saddle ID: P-28-1

15" Seat/ Medium Tree. Come with cinch.

Saddle ID: P-28-2

$475.00 $475.00    
Endurance Saddles


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