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All Purpose Saddles
Zaldi Royal Jump Saddle Berney Bros All Purpose English Saddle Collegiate Convertible All Purpose English Saddle Spirig Cosaque All Purpose Saddle

17 inch seat / 32cm tree. Comes with leathers, irons, cover, and pad.

Saddle ID: V-2-1

17.5 inch seat / Medium tree. Comes w/ cover

Saddle ID:S-39-1

17.5 inch seat / Medium tree

Saddle ID: B-35-1

17 inch seat / Medium tree. Black.

Saddle ID: J-20-1

Crosby All Purpose Saddle #BS 6635 Crosby SofRide All Purpose English saddle Courbette Kadett Lemetex Made in Switzerland #892927 Wintec 500 All Purpose Brown Flocked Saddle

2 10 2347. Black. 17.5-inch Seat / Medium Tree.

Saddle ID: F-14-1

17 inch seat / Medium Tree. Oakbark brown.

Saddle ID: A-13-1

All Purpose Kids Saddle. 16-inch Seat / Medium Tree. Light Oakbark Color.

Saddle ID: P-19-1

6.5-inch Seat / Medium Changeable Gullet. Includes: blocks and cover.

Saddle ID: S-2-90

Close Contact and Jumping Saddles
Jeffries JMX Saddle Barnsby Milton Bates Caprilli Close Contact Saddle Collegiate Finalist Close Contact Saddle #69251620107

17.5 inch seat / MW tree.

Saddle ID: G-24-1

16.5" seat, medium tree. Serial number S.6662.99

Saddle ID: M-18-22

16.5 inch seat / Medium Wide (blue) gullet.

Saddle ID: C-40-2

16.5-inch Seat / Wide Tree.

Saddle ID: A-12-1

$1,200.00 $675.00 $650.00 $600.00
Pessoa Rodrigo #460900 Close Contact Saddle Courbette Axxis Jump Saddle Barnsby CC Saddle Collegiate Close Contact English Saddle

Oakbark. 16.5-inch Seat / Medium Tree. Includes Big D Saddle Case.

Saddle ID: M-44-1

16 inch seat / Medium tree. Brown leather, has knee and calf blocks. Comes with leathers and irons.

Saddle ID: B-53-1

17 inch seat / Wide tree. Serial #: 02948 4

Saddle ID: H-46-15

17 inch seat / Medium tree

Saddle ID: C-42-14

$600.00 $500.00 $500.00 $350.00
Lovatt Ricketts Close Contact English Jump Saddle Collegiate Close Contact Saddle Collegiate Close Contact Saddle  

Havana Brown. 16-inch Seat / Medium Tree.


Brown. 16-inch Seat / Narrow Tree.


16 inch seat / Medium tree. Oakbark color. Serial#: ART.6541

Saddle ID:C-43-2

$350.00 $250.00 $200.00  
Dressage Saddles
Hennig Dressage Saddle New Stubben Genesis D Delux w/ Biomex Seat Schleese Infinity Dressage Saddle Amerigo Pinerolo Dressage

17.5 inch seat / Medium tree. Serial #: 3702011 0508621

Saddle ID: B-18-7

Dressage Saddle 18" Seat, 32 cm tree. Extra deep seat. Unique hinged knee rolls that lay flat when girthed. Deluxe - Soft, supple doubled leather for comfort and additional grip. Stubben Spring Tree. Pure Wool Flocking.


17.5 inch seat / XW adjustable Schleese tree-custom fit to a Friesian. Comes with Schleese cover. Black.

Saddle ID: M-50-2

17 inch seat / Medium Tree. Serial #: 17N1270039 4 M

Saddle ID: T-20-1



$1,999.00 $1,900.00
CWD monoflap dressage 18 inch seat Schleese Infinity Dressage Saddle Kentaur Medea Dressage Saddle #415210342 Jeffries JMX Saddle

Medium tree. Comes with case.


17.5 inch seat / XW adjustable Schleese tree. Serial #: 7203S0307. Has moveable knee blocks.

Saddle ID: K-26-4

Black. 17.5-inch Seat / XW Tree. Has chew mark low on one billet, and a couple scratches on under knee block (not visible unless flap is up). Otherwise, this saddle is in excellent condition.


17.5 inch seat / Medium Wide tree.

Saddle ID: C-43-1

$1,500.00 $1,400.00 $1,250.00 $1,200.00
  Prestige Dressage Saddle #17 34 735 023 Stubben Roxanne dressage saddle Passier P.S. Baum Dressage Saddle

Black. Seat Size 17.5-Inches / Medium Wide Tree. Saddle has been dyed and has a couple wear rubs.

Saddle ID: S-54-1

19-inch Seat / 32cm (XW) Tree. Black.

Saddle ID: G-21-1

17 inch seat Wide Tree Serial Number D262424

Saddle ID: P-18-1

  $1,000.00 $975.00 $900.00
Albion SLK Low Head Dressage Saddle Stubben Maestoso Dressage Saddle Passier Antares 18" seat Bates Caprilli dressage saddle

17 inch seat / Wide tree. Black, missing a nail head on the left side, otherwise good used condition. Serial #: 47846

Saddle ID: L-29-1

17.5" 31 cm tree. Black.

Saddel ID: W-29-1

medium tree, 5" gullet, extra long (19.5") flap, excellent condition.

Saddle ID: J-13-46

17.5 inch seat / Medium gullet (changeable). Comes w/ cover

Saddle ID: R-30-2

$900.00 $899.00 $800.00 $750.00
Pharlap dressage saddle Solibel by Busse Dressage Saddle Courbette Lemetex Marschall Spezial II Dressage Saddle Thornhill Vienna II Dressage Saddle

17 inch seat / Medium Wide tree.

Saddle ID: N-14-1

17.5 inch seat / Medium Wide tree.

Saddle ID: K-26-5

Black Leather with Grey Suede Seat and Knee rolls. 16-inch Seat / Medium Tree.


17.5 inch seat / 36cm tree.

Saddle ID: C-23-142

$700.00 $650.00 $625.00 $600.00
County Competitor Dressage Saddle Bates Caprili Black Dressage Saddle Passier PS Baum Dressage HDR Pro Lexus Dressage Saddle

17.5 inch seat / #3 fit (Medium) tree. Serial number: 89090407

Saddle ID: A-14-1

16-inch Seat / Medium Changeable Gullet


17 inch seatt / Medium tree. Brown.

Saddle ID: M-43-1

7.5” / 3.5 Fit (MW) Serial #: 2019W045 06 24 148

Saddle ID: H-46-16

$600.00 $600.00 $600.00


Wintec 500 Flocked Dressage Saddle Black Northrun Dressage Saddle Stubben Tristan Dressage Saddle Max Hopfner Hannover Dressage Saddle

16.5-Inch Seat / Medium Changeable Gullet. Includes Wintec Saddle Cover.

Saddle ID: I-2-2

17 inch seat / Medium Wide Tree.


Oakbark/Brown. 16-inch Seat / Wide Tree. Includes: Leathers, Irons, and Stubben Saddle Cover.


Dark Brown. 16.5-inch Seat / Wide Tree. Includes: Leathers and Irons.


$500.00 $500.00 $500.00 $500.00
Passier PS Baum Brown Dressage Saddle Wintec 500 Dressage Saddle Collegiate Dressage Saddle  

Comes with leathers and irons. 17-inch seat / Medium tree.

Saddle ID: T-15-1

17.5 inch seat / Changeable gullet. Comes with blocks and saddle cover.

Saddle ID: S-2-86

Black. 17 inch seat (marked 17.5, but measures as a 17") / Medium tree. Serial #: 6528

Saddle ID: B-47-1

$425.00 $400.00 $300.00  
Other Saddles
Endurance Saddles
Tucker Endurance Saddle Crosby Marathon Endurance Saddle    

serial #: 031498134 19 inch seat / Medium tree. Black.

Saddle ID: B-45-1

18 inch seat / Wide tree. Dark Brown.

Saddle ID: A-16-1

$750.00 $600.00    


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