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All Purpose Saddles
Collegiate Convertible All-Purpose Saddle. Duett Companion Foxhunter Berney Bros All Purpose English Saddle Crosby All Purpose Saddle #BS 6635

17.5-inch Seat / With Medium Changeable Gullet. Includes: Leathers, Irons, Pad, Girth, and Case.


17 inch seat / XW 34cm tree. Oakbark color, with removable knee and calf blocks.

Saddle ID: S-19-2

17.5 inch seat / Medium tree. Comes w/ cover

Saddle ID:S-39-1

2 10 2347. Black. 17.5-inch Seat / Medium Tree.

Saddle ID: F-14-1

$990.00 $900.00
HDR Pro Senior Event Saddle Brown Wintec 500 All Purpose Saddle Stubben Wotan All Purpose English Saddle Passier PS Baum All Purpose Saddle

17” / 3.5 Fit (wide) Comes with HDR cover.

Saddle ID: H-19-12

16 inch seat / Extra Wide (white) gullet, cair flocked.

Saddle ID: C-40-1

18 inch seat / 31cm tree. Tobacco colored. Comes w/ leathers + irons

Saddle ID: W-31-1

Havana Brown. 17-inch Seat / Wide Tree. Serial #: 134825

Saddle ID: R-32-2

Cambell All Purpose Saddle      

17 Inch Seat / Medium Tree. Comes with Leathers, Irons and Pad.


Close Contact and Jumping Saddles
Saddle Line by Thornhill “Le Monde” monoflap jumping saddle New Stubben Close Contact Edelweiss NT Pessoa Rodrigo Close Contact Saddle Barnsby Milton

Oakbark. 17.5 inch seat / Wide tree.

Saddle ID: K-30-1

17.5' seat, 30 cm, NT tree design has shorter tree points and a wider seat area. Soft & supple German leather. Spring Tree. Pure Wool Flocking.


18 inch seat / Medium Wide tree. Oakbark. Comes w/ Pessoa cover.

Saddle ID: H-39-2

16.5" seat, medium tree. Serial number S.6662.99

Saddle ID: M-18-22



$800.00 $675.00
Bates Caprilli Close Contact Saddle Collegiate Senior Event English Saddle Lovatt Ricketts Close Contact English Jump Saddle Crosby Olympic Works Close Contact Saddle

16.5 inch seat / Medium Wide (blue) gullet.

Saddle ID: C-40-2

7.5” / Medium tree. Havana.

Saddle ID: J-10-1

Havana Brown. 16-inch Seat / Medium Tree.


4 7 2115 / BS6635. 16.5-inch Seat / Medium Tree. Professionally Dyed Black.

Saddle ID: F-15-31

$650.00 $500.00 $350.00 $300.00
Collegiate Close Contact Saddle      

Brown. 16-inch Seat / Narrow Tree.


Dressage Saddles
Schleese Triumph Dressage Saddle CWD monoflap dressage 18 inch seat New Stubben Genesis D Delux w/ Biomex Seat Kentaur Medea Dressage Saddle #415210342

18 inch seat / Size 3 (Extra Wide) tree. Serial #: 781951207


Medium tree. Comes with case.


Dressage Saddle 18" Seat, 32 cm tree. Extra deep seat. Unique hinged knee rolls that lay flat when girthed. Deluxe - Soft, supple doubled leather for comfort and additional grip. Stubben Spring Tree. Pure Wool Flocking.


Black. 17.5-inch Seat / XW Tree. Has chew mark low on one billet, and a couple scratches on under knee block (not visible unless flap is up). Otherwise, this saddle is in excellent condition.


$4,000.00 $2,500.00


Schleese JES Dressage Saddle Prestige Dressage Saddle #17 34 735 023 Stubben Roxanne dressage saddle Passier P.S. Baum Dressage Saddle

17.5 inch seat / #3 Hennig tree. Black. Comes w/ Schleese cover.

Saddle ID: S-33-1

Black. Seat Size 17.5-Inches / Medium Wide Tree. Saddle has been dyed and has a couple wear rubs.

Saddle ID: S-54-1

18” / 32cm (XW) tree. Black.

Saddle ID: G-21-1

17 inch seat Wide Tree Serial Number D262424

Saddle ID: P-18-1

$1,200.00 $1,000.00 $975.00 $900.00
Albion SLK Low Head Dressage Saddle Stubben Maestoso Dressage Saddle Passier Antares 18" seat Stubben Tristan Spezial Dressage Saddle

17 inch seat / Wide tree. Black, missing a nail head on the left side, otherwise good used condition. Serial #: 47846

Saddle ID: L-29-1

17.5" 31 cm tree. Black.

Saddel ID: W-29-1

medium tree, 5" gullet, extra long (19.5") flap, excellent condition.

Saddle ID: J-13-46

Havana Brown with Black Panels. 17.5-inch Seat / 31cm - Wide Tree.

Saddle ID: R-30-1

$900.00 $899.00 $800.00 $800.00
Courbette Lemetex Marschall Spezial II Dressage Saddle Passier PS Baum Dressage Bates Caprili Black Dressage Saddle Kieffer Wien Dressage Saddle

Black Leather with Grey Suede Seat and Knee rolls. 16-inch Seat / Medium Tree.


17 inch seatt / Medium tree. Brown.

Saddle ID: M-43-1

16-inch Seat / Medium Changeable Gullet


17” / 31 cm (Wide) Serial #: 803097 5 1

Saddle ID: S-50-23

$625.00 $600.00 $600.00 $550.00
County Competitor Dressage Saddle Max Hopfner Hannover Dressage Saddle Black Northrun Dressage Saddle Stubben Tristan Dressage Saddle

17” / #3 tree (MW) Havana brown.

Saddle ID: H-39-1

Dark Brown. 16.5-inch Seat / Wide Tree. Includes: Leathers and Irons.


17 inch seat / Medium Wide Tree.


Oakbark/Brown. 16-inch Seat / Wide Tree. Includes: Leathers, Irons, and Stubben Saddle Cover.


$500.00 $500.00 $500.00 $500.00
Keiffer Rhein Dressage Saddle Wintec 500 Dressage 17.5 inch seat Passier PS Baum Brown Dressage Saddle Collegiate Dressage Saddle

17 inch/Medium tree Black

Saddle ID:B-35-2

Medium gullet. Black. Comes with cover and removable knee blocks.

Saddle ID: B-38-1

Comes with leathers and irons. 17-inch seat / Medium tree.

Saddle ID: T-15-1

Black. 17 inch seat (marked 17.5, but measures as a 17") / Medium tree. Serial #: 6528

Saddle ID: B-47-1

$490.00 $450.00 $425.00 $300.00
Other Saddles
Stockman Bushrider Austalian Stock Saddle Wintec Australian Saddle Kimberley Lite Rider Series Australian Saddle   

Medium Brown Oil with Black Seat and accents. 18.5-inch Seat / Medium Tree.


17 inch seat / Wide tree. Black. Comes w/ girth, leathers, irons.

Saddle ID : C-37-1

16.5 inch seat / Medium tree. Comes w/ pad & girth

Saddle ID: H-19-13

$400.00 $350.00 $250.00   
Endurance Saddles
Tucker Vista Endurance Tucker Endurance Saddle Syd Hill Suprema Style Endurance Saddle  

17.5" / Wide tree Serial #: 20147755

Saddle ID: C-38-1

serial #: 031498134 19 inch seat / Medium tree. Black.

Saddle ID: B-45-1

15" Seat Medium Tree comes with girth and seat saver

Saddle ID: P-18-5

$1,000.00 $1,000.00 $600.00  


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