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Kathy’s Western Custom Show Saddle Dale Chavez Western Show Saddle Big Horn Show Saddle Reinsman "Showman" Show Saddle

Light Oil with Black Suede Seat, Floral Leaf Tooling and Silver. 16.5-inch Seat / Semi-QH Bars.

Saddle ID: S-26-10

16 inch seat / Full bars. Medium oil with micro rose tooling, silver, and black seat.

Saddle ID: R-8-72

with matching show Breast Collar. Light oil with tooling and silver. 16-inch Seat / 6.5-inch Semi-QH Bars.


16 inch seat / Full Bars. Light Oil with floral tooling and silver.

Saddle ID: P-17-1

$3,500.00 $2,100.00 $1,850.00 $1,600.00
Martin Crown C barrel saddle Billy Royal Diamond Show Saddle Circle Y Gillette Trail Saddle Chavez Custom Show Saddle

15 inch / 11.5" gullet. Has adjustable Martin rigging. Brown and turquoise leather, with basket weave/floral tooling.

Saddle ID: C-23-141

15 inch seat / Semi Bars. Dark Oil, fully tooled, extra silver model.

Saddle ID: S-60-1

16 inch seat / Wide bars. Serial #: 20165048 Part #: 2615-8601-05

Saddle ID: M-3-1

16.5-inch Seat / Full QH Bars.

Saddle ID: P-24-1

$1,600.00 $1,500.00 $1,500.00 $1,395.00
Courts Western Saddle Crates Show Saddle Victor Western Equitation Show Saddle Ozark #1332 Saddle King Roping Saddle

15" Seat Semi QH Bars

Saddle ID: P-22-1

natural oil with basket weave tooling and silver. 13 inch seat / Full QH Equifit tree Serial #: 2305 2006

Saddle ID: P-21-1

Dark oil with tooling and silver. 16-inch Seat / Arabian Tree.

Saddle ID: L-5-1

Light Oil. 16-inch Seat / Full QH Bars


$1,200.00 $950.00 $950.00 $850.00
SMM saddlery show saddle set Rocking R Saddlery show/ranch horse saddle Action Co Youth Roping Saddle Circle Y Park & Trail

omes with matching headstall and back cinch. 16 inch seat / semi quarter horse bars.

Saddle ID: G-20-1

16" seat, full QH bars

Saddle ID: Z-3-1

#291110 by Action Co Maker McKinney, TX. Includes: Flank Cinch. 13.5-inch Seat / Semi QH Bars.

Saddle ID: D-32-1

15 inch seat / Regular tree, ultra lite. Natural oil, with floral tooling and silver, black suede seat. Serial #3660 1507 1298 02

Saddle ID: S-33-1

$600.00 $600.00 $600.00 $550.00
TexTan Western Saddle 15" Colorado Saddlery Western Saddle TexTan Hereford Western Saddle Circle Y show saddle

Semi Bars. Serial #:1301-865-75130. Medium oil, black leather seat, with super unique tooling! Comes with cinch + back cinch.

Saddle ID: C-44-1

Round skirt, natural oil. 15 inch seat / Semi Bars. Serial #: 34 o-42

Saddle ID: H-45-1

15 inch seat / Semi Bars. Serial #: 08-996N6 12-97-26146 Natural oil with tan suede seat, and floral tooling.

Saddle ID: K-31-5

14 inch seat / semi bars. Dark Oil, with tooling and silver.

Saddle ID: N-16-1

$500.00 $500.00 $500.00 $495.00
Big Horn Cordura Western Saddle Hereford Western Saddle Western Rough Out Training Saddle Big Horn Western Saddle

16 / Full Bars.

Saddle ID: S-66-1

15 inch seat / Semi Bars. Comes with girth & back cinch

Saddle ID: B-52-1

with brown suede seat. 16-inch Seat / Semi QH Bars.

Saddle ID: L-5-2

16” / Semi Bars Serial #: 1569 Natural oil with basket weave tooling, brown suede seat.

Saddle ID: C-43-1

$400.00 $350.00 $300.00 $300.00
Youth Western Saddle      

13 inch seat / Semi Bars. Medium oil, tapadero stirrups. Serial #: 31-914

Saddle ID: H-45-2

Endurance Saddles
Ortho-Flex Endurance Saddle Tucker Vista Endurance High Horse Endurance Saddle  

Comes with Ortho-Flex pads. 16 inch seat. Black.

Saddle ID: S-66-2

17.5" / Wide tree Serial #: 20147755

Saddle ID: C-38-1

16 inch seat / Regular tree. Serial #: 6917-2601-04 2014245 Medium oil, brown synthetic skirting/fenders, black suede seat.

Saddle ID: R-36-1

$1,100.00 $1,000.00 $500.00  


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