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Kathy’s Western Custom Show Saddle Billy Royal Diamond Show Saddle Custom Made Muir & MacDonald Western Saddle Big Horn Show Saddle

Light Oil with Black Suede Seat, Floral Leaf Tooling and Silver. 16.5-inch Seat / Semi-QH Bars.

Saddle ID: S-26-10

15 inch seat / Semi Bars. Dark Oil, fully tooled, extra silver model.

Saddle ID: S-60-1

Made by Greg Gentle of Camden Gap Saddlery. 16-inch Seat / Semi-QH Bars. Medium Oil with Dark Smooth padded Seat. Bonnie Allen Tree with 3/4 Bars, 4-inch Cantle, Leather 1/2 Covered Stirrups, Brass Hardware and Conchos, Turned Fenders. 35 lbs. with Included Rigging: Matching Breast Collar, Flank Cinch, Crupper, & Cinch.


with matching show Breast Collar. Light oil with tooling and silver. 16-inch Seat / 6.5-inch Semi-QH Bars.


$3,500.00 $2,500.00 $1,999.00 $1,850.00
Champion Western Show Saddle #6277 Reinsman "Showman" Show Saddle Courts Western Saddle Ozark #1332 Saddle King Roping Saddle

Light Oil with Rust Suede Seat, Floral Tooling and Silver. 16.5-inch Seat / Full QH Bars.

Saddle ID: C-35-15

16 inch seat / Full Bars. Light Oil with floral tooling and silver.

Saddle ID: P-17-1

15" Seat Semi QH Bars

Saddle ID: P-22-1

Light Oil. 16-inch Seat / Full QH Bars


$1,800.00 $1,600.00 $1,200.00 $850.00
Simco Balanced Ride Western Saddle Simco Balanced Ride Western Saddle Dakota Roping Saddle #501 Circle Y Park & Trail Western Saddle

15” / Semi Bars. Medium Oil.

Saddle ID: N-13-1

15 inch seat / Semi Bars. Medium Oil.

Saddle ID: N-13-3

Black with Basket Weave tooling. Includes matching Breast Collar. Marked as a 17-inch Seat (Seat actually measure 16.5).

Saddle ID: N-10-1

Serial #: 3974 1507 0503 Medium Oil with floral tooling, silver, and black suede seat. 15 inch seat / Semi bars.

Saddle ID: TT-32

$750.00 $725.00 $695.00 $650.00
Circle Y Team Penner Western Saddle SMM saddlery show saddle set Rocking R Saddlery show/ranch horse saddle Colorado Saddlery Western Saddle
16-inch Seat / SQHB.
Serial Number Plate: 2632 1 60 1 12 93 09 Cutting & Reining.
Circle Y Serial Number Explained: 2632 (Model #) 1 (SQHB) 60 (16" Seat) 1 (Walnut) 12 (December) 93 (1993) 09 (Unique Manufacturing #)
Saddle ID: S-47-1

omes with matching headstall and back cinch. 16 inch seat / semi quarter horse bars.

Saddle ID: G-20-1

16" seat, full QH bars

Saddle ID: Z-3-1

Round skirt, natural oil. 15 inch seat / Semi Bars. Serial #: 34 o-42

Saddle ID: H-45-1

$600.00 $600.00 $600.00 $500.00
Wofford Western Saddle #1940-4 ABETTA Black Western Round Skirt Saddle #: 20501W-7 Youth Western Saddle  

16-inch Seat / Semi QH Bars.

Saddle ID: H-41-1

17-inch Seat / Full QH Bars.

Saddle ID: L-30-2

13 inch seat / Semi Bars. Medium oil, tapadero stirrups. Serial #: 31-914

Saddle ID: H-45-2

$450.00 $375.00 $250.00  


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